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Give Your Residents A
VIP Charging

of EV Chargers are out of service.

Our VIP CaaS program eliminates the headache of maintenance and down-time.


About VIP

There is no better way to feel like a VIP than having your own private EV charger.

VIP Charge Pass has set out to revolutionize the EV Charging industry by

providing the most reliable, affordable, and exclusive charging experience possible.


Give your residents, customers, and employees a VIP Charging Experience today!



of Electric Vehicle owners charge from home, and now expect apartments to provide a reliable charging solution.

How VIP Charging Works


VIP Pre-Screening

Are you looking to provide EV charging exclusively to your residents or employees?

If so, then you qualify for VIP Charge Pass!


Electrical Prep Work

If electrical infrastructure is in place, we are ready go. If electrical prep work still needs to be done we can provide electrical quotes from our preferred electrician network, or you can work with your own trusted electrician. This is a good time to discuss how many chargers you will need not only for today, but for future demand.  Future proof your electrical upgrades to accommodate adding more chargers in the future.


Sign-up For VIP Charging as a Service (CaaS) Program

There is no expensive equipment cost to get started. You can start with 1 charger, or 8, and you can add more chargers at any time as demand grows. Every charger comes with a 5-year service plan and wicked fast service. We guarantee 99% up-time and eliminate the headache of maintenance and down-times. Pricing starts at only $75/month per charging port. Need more than 1 charger? Ask us about price breaks!


Enjoy VIP Charging

You now have the most reliable EV Charging Program on the planet! Sit back and enjoy life! We have it from here.

How It Works

Designed For Private Use EV Charging

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